Silvertouch | MyNiño

"The aim is to save the Beetle from fire balls and eat the bugs to collect extra bonus points. Read more


With every level, the complexity of the game increases. Random Particle Attacks, Speedy Fire Attacks, Ball attacks, Time-limit and Negative Points are some of the difficulties that crop up with every advancing level. You loose one out of three lives if the Beetle is hit by a fire ball. Completion of a level, marks user with minimum 100 points but under beneficial features of each level (which is usually different for different levels) such as: Bonus Points, Golden Points, Extra Bonus life, Extra Food Bugs and more on the field, user can score remarkably well. However, when user manages to collect 7 bugs, the beetle is converted into a predator (Golden Fire Eatable) for 2 seconds where it can chase the fire ball and eat it, resulting into scoring of 50 extra Bonus points. But, the Beetle will die and loose one life if user hits fire or any attacker. In all, there are 3 lives to complete a level and the loss of a life costs the user a loss of 25 points. Firing will be done based on the screen resolution which is usually off at beginning level.