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The game uses Accelerometer feature of the device. SaveTheBeetle uses the Accelerometer feature of the device. The game has three different levels, on the basis of which the Background themes, Speed of firing, Background music, Bonus Points, Food changes. SaveTheBeetle is fun to play on the iPhone/iPod touch display.

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AutoGas helps you to locate CNG or LPG gas stations in India. It will allow you to search stations nearby your current location or by state & city. If you are planning for a trip, AutoGas makes it easier for you to search stations on the way using ‘map a route’ feature by selecting start & destination city. This feature displays all the CNG/LPG stations between start and destination city. Also, the app also shows the route to gas station at the shortest distance on map, start live navigation, save route, add station as favorites, suggest for new station & many more. The app is available for iOS, Android & Windows smartphones.