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How It Works?

The Thirsty Crow is a game app for iPhone/iPad/iPad Touch gamers. It requires iOS 3.0 or later. The concept of the game is to help the thirsty crow to drink water from containers filled with little water, by passing stones in the crow's beak which the crow will then drop in the container to raise the water level, hence, the crow will be able to drink water.

The logic is simple, the thirsty crow is flying here and there, you only have to tap or swipe the stones in the direction and at the right moment aiming at the crow's beak. Once the stone is caught in the crow's beak, it flies towards the container and then you have to tap the screen carefully again to make sure that the stone falls in the container and not outside it. Once the water container is full, the crow drinks water by sitting on the container – this is how a level ends. Similarly, complete all the levels.

The score is calculated on the basis of dropping the stone in the container, if so, you earn 20 points. But if the stone falls outside the container then 10 points are deducted. At the end of each level 100 points will be added to your score, as well as, the points of finishing the level within the set time will also be added, according to the below calculation:

Level 1 - 1 x remaining seconds
Level 2 - 3 x remaining seconds
Level 3 - 6 x remaining seconds

The difficulty factors differ from level to level. The initial stages will be easy and as you proceed, the difficulty of the level increases. And the player has to complete each level in the below mentioned time:

Level 1 - 180 seconds
Level 2 - 120 seconds
Level 3 - 090 seconds

There are 10 stones in every level. The positioning of the stones is based on the logic of the game. Subsequently, the flying speed of the crow forces the player to concentrate and tap/swipe the stone towards the crow at the right moment.