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'PDFPro' is a PDF Reader with special features of Annotations, Audio Notes and Text Notes. Do leave your feedback for us to enhance it further.

The application comes as a surprise package for PDF users with impeccably rich feature offerings.

PDFPro majorly facilitates to:

  • Create PDF categories: Organize PDFs into categories.
  • Assign priority bands to PDFs: Each PDF can be assigned a priority band accordingly. The priority bands can be added or edited anytime.
  • Manage PDFs: With categories option, managing PDFs is very easy and simple.
  • Sticky notes: Taking notes for future reference while browsing a PDF is now painless.
  • Zoom in/zoom out: Zoom in and zoom out for clear readability.
  • Audio recording: Record, save and playback recorded files with the Audio recorder.
  • Bookmark Tool: Bookmark any page while browsing for future reference.
  • Dynamic search tool: Searched text is highlighted wherever it occurs on the page. For more information PDFPro has incorporated Google and Wikipedia for detailed search.
  • Highlight Tool: Quick text highlighting enables easy spotting of important text in future.
  • Slider Tool: The Slider helps to jump to any particular page instantly.
  • Share via Email: Sharing made easy via email. Send a single PDF page or an entire PDF via email and share with anybody.
  • Handy editing toolbar: Includes Undo, Redo, Pencil tool, Highlighting tool, Eraser tool, Bookmark tool, for flexible editing solutions which can be saved as well as shared via email.
  • Wi-fi Transfer: Transferring PDF files via Wi-Fi made easy.
  • Wi-fi Print: Print an entire file or single page using Wi-fi.
  • Audio Recording: This ultimate feature records your voice which is automatically saved for future playback.
  • Page History: Keeps a track of the history of previously viewed pages including their page number along with the date and time it was viewed on.
  • Page orientation: User can rotate the PDF in the state of 90 degree in clockwise direction.
  • Add blank Page: Add a blank page to a blank PDF document.
  • Cover Page: Set the Cover page you want. Select any page from the PDF to make it the Cover page.
  • Pencil Tool: Change the Size, color, capacity of the pencil as required and start editing.
  • Highlighting Tool: The highlighting tool enables the user to choose the size, color and opacity for highlighting within the PDF.
  • Eraser Tool: Select the Size of the eraser from large, medium or small to omit changes made in the document.
  • Book Content Search: Under the Book Content Search, user gets the remarkable option of keyword search for an entire PDF file. Also, while searching user will get to know the total number of machines on a Single PDF page as well.
  • Highlighted Search Text : Highlights searched text for easy find.

PDFPro consists of a lot more handy features promising to be highly useful. It also offers an exclusive feature of sharing either an entire PDF or a single page from a PDF via Email immediately. All characteristics are very quick in response and function smoothly.

PDFPro enables to effortlessly manage and organize several PDFs at one place. With eye pleasing effects, smooth transitions and much smoother effects during flipping PDF pages browsing is indeed turns into a rich viewing experience. Browsing, viewing and editing PDFs will be more fun with PDFPro!