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Viewing, browsing and editing PDFs is simpler with options like zoom in / zoom out, book content search, highlighted searched text, etc. PDFPro also provides a phenomenal feature of personalizing a PDF by adding signature.

PDFPro enables us to import/export PDFs from local disk and/or from Dropbox account. Its handy toolbar offers a host of editing tools such as pencil, shapes, highlight, eraser, bookmark, and more which provide flexible options while editing. It is also possible to save a PDF with the added/edited notes and share the same file via email. Additional options like Wi-Fi transfer and Wi-Fi print are available that offer more flexibility.

Organize PDFs accurately in place under specific categories for easy browsing through PDFPro. The app's robust and powerful interface makes it standout and perform stupendously. Instant and quick browsing is what PDFPro offers to users worldwide with world-class functionalities. Encompassing all unique features in a way to offer users with one-of-its-kind PDF app ever! No other app serves better attributes like this one, it is an ideal app for those who always work or browse PDFs. PDFPro comes with user-friendly functionalities which need not be explained or require any demonstration. Using the app is simple and plain easy. Every function is clearly understood once it is used. Use and experience its simple interface which provides a hassle-free management of numerous PDFs together at one spot.