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How It Works?

The app is very user-friendly and does not need much simplification.

  • As you start the app, the Category section displays various categories; the PDFs can be grouped in.
  • A toolbar on the top contains added functions to personalize categories section furthermore.
  • Here you can organize multiple PDFs into relevant categories, assign each of them with priority bands and/or open/move/delete them.
  • Enter a category and tap on the PDF you wish to open.
  • Simply swipe to go through the PDF.
  • The Slider bar below allows jumping quickly on a particular page rather than flipping all the way through.
  • To edit a PDF, use the handy toolbar positioned right at the top (while a PDF is open) which has multiple unique editing options.
  • It allows saving and sharing the edited PDF via Email.

PDFPro provides a detailed page history of the viewed pages i.e. with the date and time they were viewed on. Along comes a feature of editing a PDF with signature to add a personalized touch.

Install and explore the application to find more such unique features.