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CWG 2010 is an app dedicated to the XIX Commonwealth Games going to be held in Delhi, India. This app provides constant detailed updates of the to-be held games. CWG 2010 will dish out handy information to all sports fanatics, once the games go live. The app works smoothly without internet connectivity. It is build to put together all the necessary information scattered over the free web in one location i.e. your phone to help you stay abridged and informed about the grand opening of the games. One of the most eminent games event in the world sports calendar believes in spreading not only humanity, equality and destiny but also the spirit of sport through its official tag-line “Come Out and Play.”

The Main Menu consists of the following sub-categories:

  • CWG 2010: Welcomes you to the application's welcome page with list of categories
  • History: Will provide you with the history of the prestigious gaming event of the year
  • News: Provides latest news on of the upcoming CWG2010 games
  • Schedule: Lists out the detailed schedule of each sport
  • Language Help: Language Help provides the option of quick translation
  • About Application: Gives you info about the development, structure and objective of the application
  • Ticketing: Offers the facility of booking tickets from the three phases
  • Copyrights: States the copyright laws of the application

Every category provides detailed information. It combines scattered data related to the event at one common spot in a condensed fashion and offers accurate details of the most important event of the year, all in your palm.

The Schedule option will display the exact date, day and time for a Commonwealth game.

CWG 2010 version 1.2 has been launched after the success of the initial version.