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Know Your Weather
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Know Your Weather consists the following flexible attributes:

  • Settings: You can select the preferred temperature unit to either Fahrenheit (F) or Celsius (C).
  • Weather: The Weather category has two sub menus. Current Date and Current or Weekly weather report, which will display the temperature, humidity and so on. By default it is preset to Current. Switching to Weekly will display a week long report with an option of 'Low' and 'High' temperature in one of the columns. You can view the weather report even on hourly basis.
  • Map: The Map feature lets you choose a city and display its weather report. You can then mark any city as a favorite as well as see its location. Application will use the Google Map API to view location in map.
  • Favorites: Lists your favorite cities. The weather indicating icons change according to the weather condition of the city. Favorites icon located towards the bottom indicates the number of newly added cities.
  • About: Get additional information about 'Know Your Weather' and the developer.

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