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How It Works?

A simple-to-use application, it works smoothly as instructed. It rightly offers every single detail of places that surround you.

  • Open the application, type in a specified location or select 'Use Current Location'.
  • Select the distance from the drop down menu and click Done.
  • Next, the Category tab opens. Select a desired/specific category to search for a location. The search results page displays numerous locations found around you. Selecting a particular location will provide you with details of the location as well as its Wikipedia page which presents background info of the location (iAround features a dedicated Wikipedia tab).
  • Bookmark, Share and Drive Me There are the three exclusive options that provide you with added choice to make your browsing experience richer.
  • Sharing a particular location is enabled via three platforms : Email, Twitter and Facebook.
  • 'Drive Me There' provides location map from your Current Location to the searched location.
  • You can share the Bookmarked Locations with your friends via Email, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Augmented Reality uses the camera of your iPhone to function. It showcases nearby locations in an interactive fashion.
  • Tell-a-friend feature lets you spread the word.

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AutoGas helps you to locate CNG or LPG gas stations in India. It will allow you to search stations nearby your current location or by state & city. If you are planning for a trip, AutoGas makes it easier for you to search stations on the way using ‘map a route’ feature by selecting start & destination city. This feature displays all the CNG/LPG stations between start and destination city. Also, the app also shows the route to gas station at the shortest distance on map, start live navigation, save route, add station as favorites, suggest for new station & many more. The app is available for iOS, Android & Windows smartphones.