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Fondly Yours!
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Fondly Yours! Helps you express your feelings to your loved ones through personalized post cards. Share your feelings via this phenomenal iPhone app. Easily create customized post cards on the large touch sensitive display of the iPhone. The stupendous app provides features like clicking an instant new image and attach it to the postcard, selecting theme, a signature can be added to the greeting and the post card can be emailed or shared on social networking giant such as Facebook and on world popular micro blogging platform such as Twitter.

The application successfully manages and lets iPhone users to send greetings to anyone, anytime, anywhere!

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AutoGas helps you to locate CNG or LPG gas stations in India. It will allow you to search stations nearby your current location or by state & city. If you are planning for a trip, AutoGas makes it easier for you to search stations on the way using ‘map a route’ feature by selecting start & destination city. This feature displays all the CNG/LPG stations between start and destination city. Also, the app also shows the route to gas station at the shortest distance on map, start live navigation, save route, add station as favorites, suggest for new station & many more. The app is available for iOS, Android & Windows smartphones.