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Fondly Yours!
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Fondly Yours! is a user-friendly mobile post card application that provides complete personalization of a postcard, from image, color to the greeting message. It is exclusively developed for Apple iPhone. Designed to send virtual postcards to friends and family across the world for free, this application caters to you by making it possible to send customized greetings with latest snapshots in the post card and send it across, only to make receiver feel special. Fondly Yours! can be entirely customized from start to finish according to the user's wish. The created personalized greetings can be shared via Email immediately. Virtual post cards can also be shared on world famous social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The app is designed to help you greet people on special occasions, for free. As virtual greetings are the new fad among the present generation, this application is ideal for those who remember birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Fondly Yours! helps in delivering the greeting almost instantly and for free. Nothing more than a heartfelt greeting is required to make someone's day. Fondly Yours! is by your side whenever you want to wish someone on their special day.

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